My training and experience with several modalities gives me the freedom to meet the body’s needs using unique styling and flow. Specific modalities from which I draw include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Therapy, Shiatsu, Jin Shen Do, Acupressure, Thai, and Reflexology.

Sessions can be created using the modality of your choice, or a combination that reflects your interests. Additional instruments to encourage healing include cups, stones, and percussion tools. For in-home treatments, mud wraps and sugar/salt scrubs can also be used. 

I am a firm believer in the power of intentional, therapeutic touch to help people prepare for and integrate other deep healing work in their lives. Using a detailed intake process, we co-create nourishing treatments for you that could include various modalities including massage, stretching, Yoga poses and breathing techniques, soaks and scrubs, as well as meditation, visualization, sound and energy work. My goal is to not only address physical “issues in the tissues”, but to help clients experience a deep sense of inner power and connection they can call upon to meet the challenges of a holistic, well, integrated life.

Enjoy deeply nourishing and relaxing massage in the comfort and privacy of your own home or in studio, with all state and local health and safety precautions in full effect*.

Signature Massage**

60-minute Massage $125

90-minute Massage $175

120-minute Massage $225

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage***

This cozy treatment helps to ground erratic energy patterns and revitalize with heat and the restoration of key minerals. The heated salt crystals also release negative ions, which help elevate the mood and normalize blood pH. This treatment deeply relaxes, eases tension, improves circulation, and lifts your spirits. 

Embodied Journey, In Stillness**

90 Minute Journey {60 minutes of bodywork, followed by a 30 minute Intuitive Journey with hand, foot, and head chakra activations} $200

120 Minute Journey {90 minutes of  bodywork, followed by a 30 minute Intuitive Journey with hand, foot, and head chakra activations} $250

The Intuitive Journey is a guided meditation using impressions and subtle energy readings related through the body. Various places, characters, events, and tasks are explored through creative visualization, and brought more fully to life through intentional touch of the energy centers at the hands, feet, and head. While certain elements of the journey may be suggested by the client and discussed before the session, the details are usually arrived at spontaneously as I interact with your body and energetic field. 

Energy Clearing and Revitalizing**

90 Minute Cycle {30 minute clearing and revitalizing of the energetic body using Therapeutic Yoga positions and energy movement modalities, followed by 60 minutes of bodywork} $250

120 Minute Cycle {30 minute clearing and revitalizing of the energetic body using Therapeutic Yoga positions and energy movement modalities, followed by 90 minutes of bodywork} $300

Moving, cleansing, and revitalizing the energy field by skilled practitioners is an ancient practice that extends to every corner of the world. There are myriad modalities used today, synthesizing traditions from near and far, ancient and modern practices, using various tools and training. In my own practice, I use both touch and touch-free methods, as well as specific body positions supported by bolsters and blankets to create an effortless, nourishing placement for your body as you release what no longer serves you, and take in what you need. 

Discounts Available for:

Back-to-Back Appointments Occurring in a Single, Out-of-Studio Location

1 or More Appointments, Booked in Advance, Per Month

Yoga or Integration Referrals


**For all treatments delivered outside of the Santa Rosa/Sebastopol area, a $50 travel fee is added per trip. This fee may be waived for multiple treatments occurring back-to-back. 

***In studio only.

*As of 10/20/20, indoor massage is allowable in Sonoma, Marin, and San Francisco Counties with the following modifications to existing cleanliness requirements: Client must answer questions regarding COVID exposure and symptoms before each session, treatment room must be directly ventilated to the outdoors at all times, client and therapist must wear a face covering during the entire session, no work is allowed on the face unless therapist wears a face shield and gloves, therapist and client must wash hands before and after session, all equipment must be sanitized with hospital grade cleaner before and after each session. Conditions are changing rapidly, and I am happy to discuss current precautions with clients as they currently are during scheduling and at the time of appointment.