Discover How To Achieve the Results You Want With Magic

Helping yourself with spiritual work has never been easier with this two hour information packed workshop!

July 16th, 2022

2pm to 4pm

Helping Yourself With Spiritual Work: How Magic Works

Getting started in magic can be very confusing. Getting results from magic can be almost impossible, especially for the individual who has not been taught the procedure for making magic work the way it was intended.

This problem becomes compounded when you realize that you do not even know what type of results were actually intended by the spell you are working.

Other questions then tend to pop up:

  • How soon can I expect to see results?
  • What can I expect to happen?
  • Will I lose my mind from doing this?
  • What is “magical energy”?
  • Why do I need to do the spell in this order or with X ingredient?
  • Will it still work if I can’t do X?
  • Hell, What IS a RESULT?

What they say

Cornelius Agrippa

Mans soul consisteth of a mind, reason and imagination; the mind illuminates reason, reason floweth into the imagination: All is one soul.”


Everything is an expression of the principle of life in a material form, and the life is the real thing; the external form is merely the house or Corpus in which it resides.”

What You Will Learn...

This class is designed to not only answer these questions, but so many more.

Spell Craft

Which components of a spell MUST be present in order to ensure its effectiveness!


The proper order for performing magical actions in order to ensure your spell has the greatest chance of success!

The Types of Magic to Practice

The TWO types of magic practiced today, which you can find in all spell books, but which the authors NEVER EXPLAIN! Not knowing this will weaken your magic considerably and ensure that you are constantly confused and required to buy more products or instruction!


How to use “Fact Finding” techniques to ensure that you are always performing the right spell for YOU so that you increase your chances of success!

Learn To Put Together The Most Effective Spiritual Practices!

This two hour class will cover the basic theory and practice of magic from a modern western framework. You will learn all the core components of a spell, what is necessary and what can be discarded. Plus you will learn a basic template spell-work process which can be customized to ANY problem.

The Highlights

  • 2 Hours of Live Instruction
  • $20 Pre-Registration / $25 Day of
  • Full Handout with formulary and instructions for developing your own spiritual practices!

About Your Instructor:

Robert has been studying Hermeticism, Magic and Qabalah for over 20 years. He is a Golden Dawn adept and has lectured all over the country on that Order’s teaching and ran a Golden Dawn Sanctuary in San Francisco for 6 years.

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  • 2 Hours of Live Instruction
  • $20 Pre-Registration / $25 Day of
  • Full Handout with formulary and instructions for developing your own spiritual practices!

Saturday July 16th, 2PM