Experience the powerful Benefits of Self-Hypnosis!

“You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.”John C. Maxwell

You're about to discover the Solution to 4 key problems all meditators And Self Hypnosis Practitioners face in the development of their practice & how to blow past them!

You Will Discover...

  • How and when to use affirmations and visualization in your practice
  • How to enter a deep meditative trance state and why Its So Critical To Do So
  • the most important understanding you need to have in order to see the tangible benefits of meditative practices
  • The key (that no one else teaches) to knowing how to laser target your practices so you know exactly what practices to use to solver your specific problems!

The Problem With Traditional Self Hypnosis & Meditation Classes

I've been teaching meditation for a long time now and the same questions seem to keep coming up. The same problems are being experienced even by those whose been meditating for years.

Problems like:

  • Meditation Seems Intimidating
  • You don't feel motivated to keep up a practice
  • It seems impossible to gain real life changes through Self Hypnosis practices
  • You're not sure how to start
  • You don't want to spend hours in trance just to see results
  • Or, even though you have meditated a lot in the past you've never really experienced the life altering benefits on meditation

The Solution: 

I want everyone to experience the transformative benefits of Conscious Integration. By gaining a clear understanding of how meditation & self-hypnosis work and what it can and cannot do, you learn to be self sufficient in your practice. That's my goal for all my students. In this special 12 hour live & online workshop you will:

  • Learn in the shortest time possible with 14 hours of live instruction!
  • Join a community of Conscious meditators!
  • Have the resources to review every technique learned
  • Gain a complete education in deep trance meditation &Self Hypnosis
  • Always know exactly what to do to take the next step in your practice!


Deep Relaxation

Hypnosis has been used to facilitate deep relaxation for hundreds of years. You will experience more profound relaxation as your program progresses and find yourself relaxing more in day to day life. 

Clear Thinking

When stress, anxiety and other problem states are no longer an issue you may find yourself thinking more clearly about your life and issues. 

Powerful Habit Change

Relaxation and clear thinking release tremendous energy into the body. As you think and feel differently about your issues you will find the space to respond differently to them. Over a short period of time you find your habits have shifted and the problem is no longer a problem.

Emotional Clearing

Throughout your hypnotherapy program, unconscious beliefs which create blocks to emotional experience will be examined, understood and cleared. This experience releases incredible energy and feelings of freedom. 


I'm Robert Walker

I'd like to introduce you to the immense personal power hidden inside each of us. Through Conscious Integration, you can experience for yourself the awesome abilities just waiting to be realized inside your mind.

Conscious Integration is a highly effective meditative practice that helps people work through issues quickly and gain long-lasting results. It is a rapid path of transformation and provides an opportunity to achieve profound and long-lasting results on a spiritual, emotional, and physical level.

Conscious Integration expands the practice of traditional meditation by offering more tools for working with and getting to and processing the deeper issues underlying problems such as habits, anxiety, depression, physical illness, etc. Conscious Integration makes use of Socratic inquiry, parts integration, energy management, alternative altered state practices (including meditation and dynamic imagination & breathwork), dream interpretation and more.

Recognizing that every person is unique, it actively involves both your conscious and unconscious minds in the process of discovering what is needed to effect the change you are seeking in your life. In this way, you are an active participant in your own change process. By following your current life issues to their source you will discover what is needed to help you move beyond your current unconscious motivations. Through this process, you will be able to step into a life-affirming relationship with yourself and the world around you!

I am an 25 year meditator with 15 years experience teaching meditation & spiritual work. I am a certified Hypnotherapist to have helped hundreds of people experience more joy, bliss & freedom from bad habits through inner processes.

I look forward to walking with you on your journey to greater self realization!

Robert Walker C.Ht

What Can I Expect From Conscious Integration Self Hypnosis?

In this live 12 hour Conscious Integration Level 1 Training you will learn a complete system of personal inner development. You will learn to experience quickly all the benefits of meditation and self hypnosis.

Benefits like:

  • Lowered Stress Levels
  • Improved Sleep
  • More Self Confidence
  • Feeling More Comfortable In Your Daily Life
  • Knowing How To Change Habits
  • Knowing Exactly what steps to take to put you on the path to your best life!

Conscious Integration Is Your Total Transformation System

With Conscious Integration Self Hypnosis you get the benefits of both meditation and self hypnosis all in brief 10 minute sessions!

Plus you learn to create "feedback loops" with your conscious and unconscious self so that  you are always kept aware of what is working and what needs to be modified!

  • Learn to go directly to your unconscious mind and plant your goals there...
  • Understand your unconscious blueprint and KNOW what changes to make and exactly how!
  • Experience daily the deep relief and stress annihilating benefits of deep trance relaxation!

Module 1: Beginning Your Transformational Self Hypnosis Journey With Confidence

Get all the basic skills you need to master trance based meditation

In our first hour of instruction you'll be taken by the hand and shown how to achieve the best possible results from this program. You'll feel safe and confident as you embark on this inner journey as we lay misconception behind and walk confidently into your new future!

  • Understand & address common misconceptions about trance and meditation
  • Learn what can be integrated and what cannot
  • Understand the basic structure of the mind and learn all about our "inner blueprint"
  • The basic "rules of the mind" that all forms of innerwork follow but few courses teach!
  • How to avoid self sabotage in meditation and trancework sessions

Module 2: How To Quickly & Easily Enter Trance Meditation States

After addressing misconceptions and laying the groundwork to success we begin our journey into deep trance states and meditation!

  • Learn how to A.C.T to always enter a meditative state.
  • You'll learn to condition your mind to meditative trance States so you can always enter an meditative state easily!
  • special Guided trace meditation which will unlock your mind potential to use meditative states!

Module 3: Training Your mind to overcome all obstacle to entering Meditative States

Now that you have experience entering a meditative trance easily and your inner abilities to do so are activating, we'll move into territory seldom taught in standard meditation classes. We will begin to address the most common problems people have when they leave the confines of the workshop environment and try to perform the practices on their own. This will almost guarantee that you will be able to continue your progress come Monday!

  • How to troubleshoot problems with entering meditation
  • What to do when you "don't feel Like it"
  • How to learn to focus
  • Increase Focus
  • How to set goals for your practice & ensure you reach them!
  • The 5 reasons goals fail & how to fix them!

Module 4: How to encourage your unconscious mind to work together with your conscious mind

Now that you know how to enter trance and meditation and how to overcome those obstacles that can prevent it we move into the meat of the method. We will focus on learning how to use the obstacle overcoming skills and 4 new potent methods to reprogram your unconscious mind to experience those states you choose more often!

  • Learn to rewrite your unconscious blueprint with the four classic suggestion styles:
  • affirmations
  • the inner pep talk
  • process visualization
  • goal visualization
  • PLUS: One simple exercise to put all 4 to work for you so you can immediately put into practice what you have learned!

Module 5: How to communicate directly with your unconscious mind to understand and overcome all obstacles in your life!

No Other Course Teaches This!

Experienced meditators know how to talk to their unconscious minds and how powerful it can be at putting you and keeping you on track to your goals. This process alone is worth the entire cost of the course as so few have this information! In this module your will be introduced to:

The Conscious Integration Unconscious Questioning System

This is a systematic process that I developed for uncovering exactly how and why your unconscious mind is conflicted about your goals and exactly what needs to happen to fix it!

With this system you'll never get stuck on progressing to your goals again!

  • The Conscious Integration Unconscious Questioning System
  • Experience deep insight into how your Unconscious mind approach success and personal development
  • Experience & communicate with the deepest parts of the self
  • Work WITH the unconscious mind to ensure success in aLL parts of life!
  • how to coax your unconscious to literally spell out the source of your progress issue!

Module 6: advanced trance meditation strategies to learn to interact & flow with your unconscious mind to experience incredible results!

Once we've opened the gate to direct communication with your unconscious we can now begin to learn and practice skills to flow with the information your unconscious is giving you. With these advanced strategies you will deepen your trance meditation experiences and begin to adjust your approach to meditation AS YOU ARE MEDITATING! Creating deeper insights and connection with the self!

  • How to use advanced strategies to bypass the conscious mind quickly and Easily!
  • How to flow around whatever resistance arises in meditation to quickly enter a deep trance state
  • how to adjust your meditation 'targets' while in trance
  • 4 brand new suggestion strategies to pull your outcomes directly from your unconscious mind

Module 7: your total transformation system

Success is a byproduct, not a destination.

And finally, we will learn and practice combining all the skills we've practiced into a step by step process which virtually guarantees you integrate and understand your goals, blocks and exactly what to do to overcome them!

With Conscious Integration Meditation you will:

  • Uncover & Eliminate Unconscious beliefs which hold you back from success
  • Experience deeper insight
  • Wake up everyday with energy & passion for life
  • Experience & communicate with the deepest parts of the self
  • Work WITH the unconscious mind to ensure success in aLL parts of life!

In addition you will learn how to apply the Total Transformation System to goals such as:

  • Better Sleep
  • Weight Loss
  • Problem Solving

What Our Clients Are Saying About Conscious Integration

Jeremy T.

"Robert offered to help me with my cravings for alcohol and to improve my confidence while hanging out with friends who were drinking. He guided me into deep states of trance, and also showed me how to do it myself which empowered me to continue the process during tough situations. I noticed a difference in my outlook after just one session.

Robert’s professionalism was outstanding. He made me feel very comfortable while dealing with an issue that gives me a lot of anxiety. My favorite part was the relaxation of the guided trance - I didn’t know that would happen. It was uncanny and allowed me to truly focus on who I want to be as a person without all the distractions of daily life.

I now have no cravings to drink, which is much needed after a year like 2020!"

Karen J.

"Working with Robert was so comfortable and painless, and the results were immediate. I initially contacted Robert to work on a single issue, and he cleared it up so fast that I got curious about what else we could do.

Now he's my coach, and I've actually  been able to IMPROVE my circumstances through all this pandemic madness."

With Conscious Integration & The Total Transformation System You Cannot Fail!

With 12 hours of live instruction and my complete step by step system you cannot fail to acheive your goals!

With The conscious integration Self Hypnosis workshop you get:

  • 12 hours of live in class instruction in my complete deep trance meditation system!
  • The ability to begin to really KNOW your unconscious mind.
  • My Advanced meditation strategies PLUS my Total transformation system
  • Access to the Conscious Integration Facebook Group - Joining a community of conscious seekers!

Register today to Get Started With Conscious Integration Self Hypnosis!

Register today to begin your conscious integration journey!

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I want this to be the best meditation class you have ever attended, that's why it also comes with my 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you decide after the first day of the workshop that Conscious Integration is not right for you, just let me know and with no questions asked you will receive a full refund for the course!

About Robert

I'm a Certified Hypnotherapist through the International Association of Conversational Hypnotherapists. I am passionate about helping you to overcome all challenges to your success, health and happiness.

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