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John C. Maxwell

“You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.”


Deep Relaxation

Hypnosis has been used to facilitate deep relaxation for hundreds of years. You will experience more profound relaxation as your program progresses and find yourself relaxing more in day to day life. 

Clear Thinking

When stress, anxiety and other problem states are no longer an issue you may find yourself thinking more clearly about your life and issues. 

Powerful Habit Change

Relaxation and clear thinking release tremendous energy into the body. As you think and feel differently about your issues you will find the space to respond differently to them. Over a short period of time you find your habits have shifted and the problem is no longer a problem.

Emotional Clearing

Throughout your hypnotherapy program, unconscious beliefs which create blocks to emotional experience will be examined, understood and cleared. This experience releases incredible energy and feelings of freedom. 

Here's What My Clients Say About Conscious Integration Hypnosis

I Feel Like a new person! The People around me can really see how I've changed!

Ashlee A. 

December 2022

Certified Hypnotherapist Robert Walker


I'm Robert Walker C.Ht

I'd like to introduce you to the immense personal power hidden inside each of us. Through Conscious Integration Hypnosis, you can experience for yourself the awesome abilities just waiting to be realized inside your mind.

Hypnosis is a trance-like mental state in which people experience increased attention, concentration, and focus. Most people naturally enter the hypnotic state while daydreaming. People in a hypnotic state often seem sleepy and zoned out, but in reality, they are in a state of hyper-awareness. It is this hyper-awareness that allows for hypnosis to be such a healing state.

Conscious Integration Hypnosis is a highly effective therapeutic model that helps people work through issues quickly and gain long-lasting results. It is a rapid path of transformation and provides an opportunity to achieve profound and long-lasting results on a spiritual, emotional, and physical level.

Conscious Integration Hypnosis expands the practice of traditional hypnotherapy by offering more tools for working with clients and for getting to and processing the deeper issues underlying problems such as habits, anxiety, depression, physical illness, etc. Conscious Integration Hypnosis makes use of Socratic inquiry, parts integration, energy management, alternative altered state practices (including meditation and dynamic imagination), dream interpretation and more.

Conscious Integration Hypnosis does not rely on a diagnosis to understand your issue. Recognizing that every person is unique, it actively involves you as the client in the process of discovering what is needed to effect the change you are seeking in your life. In this way, you are an active participant in your own healing process. By following your current life issues to their source you will discover what is needed to help you move beyond your current unconscious motivations. Through this process, you will be able to step into a life-affirming relationship with yourself and the world around you!

I look forward to walking with you on your journey to greater self realization!

Robert Walker C.Ht

How It Works


Click below to contact me for a 15 minute consultation session to determine if Conscious Integration Hypnosis is right for your issue.


We will meet by phone for a consultation to determine your needs and if we are a good fit. We will also work out a program that is tailored to you and your issue.


Sessions are offered on Zoom or at our office in Santa Rosa, Ca. During your session we will use Socratic inquiry and hypnosis to speak directly to your unconscious mind in order for you to learn how to resolve your issue.

What Can I Expect From Conscious Integration Hypnosis?

In your first Conscious Integration session we will spend some time exploring what brought you here. We will help each other to gain real clarity on all the various aspects that go into creating this challenge.

Then in subsequent sessions I will help to guide you deep into relaxation and assist you in exploring your subconscious mind.

Hypnosis is a deep, relaxed state where your inner mind listens to positive suggestions. Here, you accept more easily these positive suggestions which bring inner strength and motivation into your life. Profound answers often emerge which help resolve issues naturally and easily.

What Are The Benefits of Conscious Integration Hypnosis?

Each individual experiences hypnosis in their own way. That said, there are some common benefits that everyone who receives Conscious Integration Hypnosis have reported to us. Everyone who experiences Conscious Integration Hypnosis will tend to experience in their daily life more:

  • Relaxation and Present Moment Awareness  
  • Non-judgmental Acceptance
  • Compassion for Self and Others
  • Living Your Values Every Day

" Want to lose weight? Kick a bad habit? Well you might want to try hypnosis! ... no longer regarded as mere hocus-pocus, it's been shown as an effective means of helping people quit smoking, shed pounds, reduce stress, and end phobias. "

Jane Pauley

More Praise For Conscious Integration Hypnotherapy!

It actually worked!

It actually worked!

I had a hypnotherapy session with Robert. I came because for over a decade I have been biting my nails and picking at my skin until I bled. Nothing worked, and I couldnt stop. Since the therapy I have gone almost a week without picking, the longest Ive gone since it started! I feel more confident, more relaxed, and my skin isnt ripped to shreds.

I have completely stopped picking at my skin, even in stressful situations. I am more able to control my anxiety, and I feel more confident just in everday life. When I'm stressed or nervous I think about what we worked on in hypnotherapy, and Im able to control my emotions.

Ive tried everything, traditional therapy, habit breaking programs, bitter paint, etc. Blew my expectations out of the water. I never thought Id be able to stop completely, let alone go cold turkey and not even miss it.

Karen massages me and she does such an amazing job that I knew everything Holistic Wellness did would be outstanding.

100%, youll be my first call in the future!

Thank you so much, you've changed my life. Cant express enough gratitude towards you both.

Jennifer A. July 2022

Extremely Helpful!

I came to Robert because after experiencing a mentally debilitating medical internship my self-confidence, self-worth and sense of self were crushed. I hated my job because of my associations of internship with my career.

I didn't realize 6 weeks was going to make this much difference, best choice ever made. Wish I had done it earlier. I like my job now & don't dread going to work.

Hypnosis helped me work through my unconscious thought patterns that were messing w/ my life and mental health. Therapy and talking just wasn't doing anything but bringing up those feelings again without resolving them.

Robert was the most competent practitioner I interviewed. He had a plan, was able to explain everything clearly and was reliable and professional. He went above and beyond! I have been continuously surprised every week how well it was working! I couldn't have asked for better results!

I am so thankful that I found you and your services, you have made such an impact on my life with these techniques and I am eternally grateful!

Miranda C. July 2022

What Can Conscious Integration Hypnotherapy Help With?

Conscious Integration Hypnosis can help resolve countless mental, physical and emotional issues. Each Hypnosis Session is customized to your personal, emotion & physical needs to ensure you get the most direct and longest lasting results for your issue!

Hypnotherapy is excellent for quitting smoking

Stop Smoking

Hypnosis has been shown to be the BEST way to quite smoking!

If you're looking to quit and want to ward off some of the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, then hypnotherapy may be helpful. Hypnotherapy has been shown to both help people quit smoking and overcome the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal.

  • Reduce The Likelihood of Disease Or Premature Death
  • Save Money
  • Less Stress
  • Fewer & Weaker Withdraw Symptoms or NO Withdraw Symptoms at all!
  • Higher Energy Levels
  • Quite Smoking WITHOUT Weight Gain!
Hypnotherapy can help with weight loss

Lose Weight

Get off the diet roller coaster! Hypnosis Has been shown effective for weight loss for decades!

Become someone who loves healthy food and exercise. Stop forcing yourself to diet. Hypnosis makes it easy to change behaviors that can help you lose weight

  • Release Emotional Eating
  • Reduce & Manage Stress
  • Stay Motivated
  • Remove Bad Habits
  • Boost Metabolism
  • Quit Sugar
Hypnotherapy to help manage stress

Stress & Anxiety Management

Say Goodbye to Stress & Anxiety For Good! 

Since it's discovery hypnosis has been used to teach people better & more effective ways of reducing and eliminating stress & anxiety. Whether your experiencing anxiety and stress related to  work or relationship, or related to trauma or PTSD, Conscious Integration Hypnosis will teach you valuable tools to eliminate or reduce your anxieties. 

  • Reduce & Control Stress
  • Feel More Centered
  • Develop Trust & Confidence In Yourself
  • Increase Focus
  • Develop Better Sleep
  • Develop Feelings of Being In Control
Hypnotherapy for pain management

Pain Management

Say Goodbye To Pain And Experience Relief  With Conscious Integration Hypnosis!

Study after study has shown hypnosis to be effective for the management of chronic pain. According to the APA, hypnosis can alleviate the sensory and/or affective components of a pain experience, which may be all that is required for acute pain. Findings also indicate that hypnosis interventions consistently produce significant decreases in pain associated with a variety of chronic-pain problems. Also, hypnosis was generally found to be more effective than non-hypnotic interventions such as attention, physical therapy, and education.

  • Reduce Stress Associated With Pain
  • Experience Comfort
  • Manage Pain Throughout the day
  • Improve Sleep
  • Experience Deep Relaxation
  • Experience Migraine Relief

NOTE: Requires Physician Referral

hypnotherapy for career success

Personal Development

Success is a byproduct, not a destination.

What motivates you to get out of bed? What really lights your fuse and is your fuse lit now? With hypnosis you can blow through all those blocks that are keeping you from the success you know you deserve! With Conscious Integration Hypnosis you will:

  • Uncover & Eliminate Unconscious beliefs which hold you back from success
  • Experience deep insight into how you approach success and personal development
  • Wake up everyday with energy & passion for life
  • Experience & communicate with the deepest parts of the self
  • Work WITH the unconscious mind to ensure success in aLL parts of life!

The First Step, Starts With You.

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What Our Clients Are Saying About Conscious Integration Hypnosis

Jeremy T.

"Robert offered to help me with my cravings for alcohol and to improve my confidence while hanging out with friends who were drinking. He guided me into deep states of trance, and also showed me how to do it myself which empowered me to continue the process during tough situations. I noticed a difference in my outlook after just one session.

Robert’s professionalism was outstanding. He made me feel very comfortable while dealing with an issue that gives me a lot of anxiety. My favorite part was the relaxation of the guided trance - I didn’t know that would happen. It was uncanny and allowed me to truly focus on who I want to be as a person without all the distractions of daily life.

I now have no cravings to drink, which is much needed after a year like 2020!"

Karen J.

"Working with Robert was so comfortable and painless, and the results were immediate. I initially contacted Robert to work on a single issue, and he cleared it up so fast that I got curious about what else we could do.

Now he's my coach, and I've actually  been able to IMPROVE my circumstances through all this pandemic madness."

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About Robert

I'm a Certified Hypnotherapist through the International Association of Conversational Hypnotherapists. I am passionate about helping you to overcome all challenges to your success, health and happiness.

You can read more about by background here.