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Hypnosis is one of the most effective tools for reducing your anxiety. Don't take my word for it though!


It actually worked!

It actually worked!

I had a hypnotherapy session with Robert. I came because for over a decade I have been biting my nails and picking at my skin until I bled. Nothing worked, and I couldnt stop. Since the therapy I have gone almost a week without picking, the longest Ive gone since it started! I feel more confident, more relaxed, and my skin isnt ripped to shreds.

I have completely stopped picking at my skin, even in stressful situations. I am more able to control my anxiety, and I feel more confident just in everday life. When I'm stressed or nervous I think about what we worked on in hypnotherapy, and Im able to control my emotions.

Ive tried everything, traditional therapy, habit breaking programs, bitter paint, etc. Blew my expectations out of the water. I never thought Id be able to stop completely, let alone go cold turkey and not even miss it.

Karen massages me and she does such an amazing job that I knew everything Holistic Wellness did would be outstanding.

100%, youll be my first call in the future!

Thank you so much, you've changed my life. Cant express enough gratitude towards you both.

Jennifer A. July 2022

Robert offered to help me with my cravings for alcohol and to improve my confidence while hanging out with friends who were drinking. He guided me into deep states of hypnosis, and also showed me how to self hypnotize myself which empowered me to continue the process during tough situations. I noticed a difference in my outlook after just one session.

Robert’s professionalism was outstanding. He made me feel very comfortable while dealing with an issue that gives me a lot of anxiety. My favorite part was the relaxation of the guided hypnosis - I didn’t know that would happen. It was uncanny and allowed me to truly focus on who I want to be as a person without all the distractions of daily life.

I now have no cravings to drink, which is much needed after a year like 2020!

Jeremy T. March 2021

Extremely Helpful!

I came to Robert because after experiencing a mentally debilitating medical internship my self-confidence, self-worth and sense of self were crushed. I hated my job because of my associations of internship with my career.

I didn't realize 6 weeks was going to make this much difference, best choice ever made. Wish I had done it earlier. I like my job now & don't dread going to work.

Hypnosis helped me work through my unconscious thought patterns that were messing w/ my life and mental health. Therapy and talking just wasn't doing anything but bringing up those feelings again without resolving them.

Robert was the most competent practitioner I interviewed. He had a plan, was able to explain everything clearly and was reliable and professional. He went above and beyond! I have been continuously surprised every week how well it was working! I couldn't have asked for better results!

I am so thankful that I found you and your services, you have made such an impact on my life with these techniques and I am eternally grateful!

Miranda C. July 2022

Conscious Integration Hypnosis For Anxiety

If you’re tired of feeling overwhelmed and fearful in situations where you consciously know you’re perfectly safe, this might be the most important information you have read in a while.

This is a process of integration. This is dramatically different from anything you’ve ever done to try to manage anxiety, stress and fear. With Conscious Integration Hypnosis you will learn to identify and access the thoughts, feelings, physical sensations and images that have been holding you back and learn to experience the messages they have for you so you can integrate that information in the best way possible for you!

Rather than a tired, old approach of “wait-and-see” or “hope-it-works!”, I believe in using rapid neurological change strategies so we both know the results are in motion.

Conscious Integration Hypnosis will teach you how to access your ability to take back control of how you feel. 

Each and every conscious integration program is customized to you!

With a clear framework and structure for each session we discover and develop the tools that are right for you! At each step of the process you have exactly what you need, when you need it. 

What My Clients Learn Through Conscious Integration Hypnosis For Anxiety:

Every client's hypnosis program is as unique as they are, but there are some things we all share. We all have a nervous system for instance and it's through this nervous system that we experience the world. Training your nervous system to experience the world differently is always the central goal for clients in stress, fear and worry. Some of what you will learn is:

Understand how worry, fear and stress happen in the body

Fear, Stress and Worry always happen in the body the same way. By learning how our bodies experience these emotions, feelings and sensations we can learn better ways to process through them when they come up!

how to train your body to experience deep relaxation every day

Relaxation is the physical and emotional opposite of anxiety. Learning from your body itself how to experience deep physical relaxation will begin the process of training your nervous system to stay more calm and relaxed throughout your day.

how to end fear and worry when it comes up for good

Fear, Worry, Stress will always follow a predictable path in the body. Learning how to connect with those sensations which are arising in the body at any given moment will give you a powerful tool for stopping anxiety before it gets out of control. 

Stopping negative self talk in it's tracks

We all will experience negative self talk from time to time. Learning a very simple tool you can implement when it starts to come up helps some clients quickly become aware of how their thoughts are extending their worry cycle. 

integrating those images and memories that hold us back from experiencing all we can in life

When we look at how people experience worry, fear and stress, almost every person will have a series of images or memories that like to repeat themselves over and over again. These images and memories can be overwhelming, but hypnosis has a long history of processing these memories and images quickly and effectively so they never need to trouble you again!

plus exactly how to integrate those messages  your body/mind need you to hear to have the best life possible

The real secret to a good life is being crystal clear about what you want from it and having a system in place to go and get it. With conscious integration Hypnosis you will learn exactly how to develop a system for yourself to communicate directly with your unconscious mind to let it know where you want to be!

Why Choose Conscious Integration Hypnosis For Your Anxiety?

Conscious Integration Hypnosis helps you to use your unconscious mind to look at the "how" instead of at your "why."

When you begin to look at your "how" your individual process is revealed and together we can start to create new neural pathways to address your challenge.

Cutting Edge Hypnotic Processes

We stay up to date on the latest scientific research dealing with hypnosis and anxiety so our programs are always rooted in the newest evidence.

Trauma Informed

All Conscious Integration Programs promote a culture of safety, empowerment, and healing.

Unmatched Professionalism

Your process is always respected as your own. I have thousands of hours "in the trenches" helping people just like you to relieve their anxiety.

Responsive Processes

Each program is customized to you. We can make adjustments to how we work in real time so you always have what you need when you need it!

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