Migraine Mitigation Through Holistic Wellness Integration

Migraine Is More Than A Headache. You need more than a pill. Get the support you need with Conscious Integration Hypnosis and CrainioSacral Therapy. 

You DON'T Have to Live In Pain!

Pain in the body is a “wake up call”, delivered in the language that the body speaks: sensation. In hypnotherapy, because we have direct access to the unconscious, we can ask the body to deliver its message in the language that the conscious mind understands, that is in spoken words. Or we can open communication with the unconscious mind and working with the sensations begin to understand their purpose and meaning. When we begin to understand the meaning of these powerful communications from the body, the body learns that it no longer needs to send the messages with such force. The pain diminishes. 

Why work with us

At Holistic Wellness Integration we have decades of combined experience helping our clients to learn how to hear the messages of their body as well as interpret and communicate through those messages.

With the combined support of Conscious Integration Hypnotherapy and CranioSacral Therapy you will have a complete and well rounded program to address your migraines completely and holistically.

Conscious Integration Hypnosis

Treating and preventing chronic migraine headaches with hypnosis is a cost-effective alternative to prescription drugs. Hypnotherapy is beneficial to address the issue of headache, whether it is migraine, episodic, or chronic.

CranioSacral Therapy

CranioSacral Therapy has been shown it can alleviate migraine symptoms. In studies listed below, immediately after treatments and one month afterwards there was significant lowering in clients rating of headache pains compared with prior to treatment.

How It Works

Each program with Holistic Wellness Integration is customized to you. Our Migraine Mitigation Program combines the power of Conscious Integration Hypnosis with the subtle, relaxing integration of CranioSacral Therapy!


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After your first hypnotherapy session you will schedule your concurrent CranioSacral Therapy sessions with Karen. We will meet either weekly or Bi-Weekly as the program progresses.

About Karen and Robert

2022 Winners of Best Of The North Bay

I meet the client where they are at using their goals and intentions to co-create a satisfying session.

Karen Walker -CMT

I help people to learn better ways to overcome their challenges through their own consciousness.

Robert Walker - C.Ht

What Our Clients Are Saying About Holistic Wellness Integration

Jeremy T.

"Robert offered to help me with my cravings for alcohol and to improve my confidence while hanging out with friends who were drinking. He guided me into deep states of trance, and also showed me how to do it myself which empowered me to continue the process during tough situations. I noticed a difference in my outlook after just one session.

Robert’s professionalism was outstanding. He made me feel very comfortable while dealing with an issue that gives me a lot of anxiety. My favorite part was the relaxation of the guided trance - I didn’t know that would happen. It was uncanny and allowed me to truly focus on who I want to be as a person without all the distractions of daily life.

I now have no cravings to drink, which is much needed after a year like 2020!"

Karen J.

"Working with Robert was so comfortable and painless, and the results were immediate. I initially contacted Robert to work on a single issue, and he cleared it up so fast that I got curious about what else we could do.

Now he's my coach, and I've actually  been able to IMPROVE my circumstances through all this pandemic madness."

The First Step, Starts With You.

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