Post  Operative Lymphatic Drainage

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As soon as you know the date of your surgery, schedule your free consultation call.

Your surgeon may have already stressed the importance of Post Operative Lymphatic Drainage to you, and given instructions to you regarding when you should start treatment. On our call, we will discuss your procedure, any instructions you have, and how best to maximize the results of your procedure using lymphatic drainage as part of your aftercare.  

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For optimal results, it is imperative that patients schedule their appointments as soon as they know when their procedure will be done, so that they begin treatment when it will be most effective. 

Rest, Recover, and Be Radiant!

Now you know your roadmap to recovery! You can rest assured that you will be receiving optimal post-operative care, especially for plastic surgery procedures. Enjoy reduction in swelling, detoxification, and a faster rate of recovery with Post Operative Lymphatic Drainage. 

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Are you ready to maximize results?

Your beautiful, miraculous body knows how to heal, and I'm here to help it along. Post-surgical accumulation of fluids results from your body's natural healing process. When performed by a competent professional, Post Operative Lymphatic Drainage helps your body heal faster, more effectively, and maximizes the results of your cosmetic procedure. Protect your investment with proper aftercare, you won't regret it.

Karen Walker, CMT, CST