My experience with hypnosis goes all the way back to early high school. I was training quite a bit for martial arts competitions and my dad taught me some self hypnosis techniques in order to help prepare me for my fights. I’ve kept this self hypnosis practice up to this day and its use has expanded greatly. My first expansion, beyond simple creative visualization was to use it to learn music faster and better. To learn to imagine pieces of music before I played them in order to gain more control of what came out of my guitar.

After a number of years I also learned that these techniques could be used for personal development. I learned to use self hypnosis to fall asleep fairly early and also learned how to set an “inner” alarm clock to wake me up. Later still I learned how to enter the hypnotic state and solve personal problems and help me make decisions.

As time went on I began teaching these techniques to those around me. I lead meditation classes as well. This went on teaching meditation classes to a select group of people and self hypnosis for about 15 years. During this time, people would approach me with their problems and ask me to help them out. I would then guide them into hypnosis and help them to come to some solution to their problem.

Throughout these years I never called what I did hypnosis. I called it spiritual work for the most part since for most of the processes I was using a very ritualized approach. It was some years later that a person I respected took me under their wing and formally taught me hypnosis, this time for “spiritual development” but he was quite open about the fact that this was hypnosis and all the ritual was unnecessary.

This training was very profound for me. Throughout the year long process I was able to answer many questions I’d had about myself and human behavior and some I didn’t even know I’d had! From that point on I began devouring everything I could on hypnosis and taking any and every class I could afford.

I became certified as a hypnotherapist through the International Association of Conversational Hypnotherapists. I learned how to take everything I’d been doing for years and apply it to pretty much any problem.

I learned how to trust our consciousness to heal ourselves and how to guide other people to that awareness.

As I’ve engaged in this practice, I’ve seen myself grow and evolve. I’ve seen myself drop preconceived ideas wbout “how the world works” and become more and more accepting of how things acutally are.

To that end, I help people to learn better ways to deal with their issues through their own consciousness. For those willing to hop on the train I can help them develop deeper and more fulfilling practices which provide demonstrable benefits to their life.

Through the practice of hypnotherapy and self hypnosis I assist my clients to grow in ways they may not have been aware they could. Helping them to learn to take the lead in their own personal development and life path.