We offer a variety of Spiritual Works for our clientele.

Readings With Tarot and Playing Cards

Energy Clearing & Revitalizing With Karen:

I use both touch and touch-free methods to cleanse and revitalize the etheric body, otherwise known as the Aura or Energy Body. Specific positions, supported by bolsters and blankets, may be used to create an effortless, nourishing placement for your body as you take in what you need and release what no longer serves you.

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Energy / Aura Reading & Clearing With Robert:

Utilizing techniques and processes synthesized from Pranic Healing, Kabbalah, and Various Christian Spiritual practices I will scan and read your aura, noting anything that sticks out to me. There is then a cleansing with water and incense and the aura is swept by hand. Inner Energy is raised and any blocks in the energy centers are cleared. The aura is then sealed with energy and positive intention.

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Candle Services:

We offer individually dressed candles for your intentions. We have a short discussion on what your intention is and what candle will work best for you, then proper herbs are chosen and the glass candle is cleansed and dressed with appropriate oils and herbs to assist in manifesting your intention. Once dressed a brief intention setting process is performed over the candle.

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Spellwork Consultations, Mojo Bag & Talisman Creation

For those times when a Candle is not quite enough for your goals, we offer a more robust spell service to meet your needs. This 1 hour consultation will help you define the goals of your intention work and determine the best possible spiritual process to give your intention the best opportunity to manifest.

These process can include:

  • Creating a Mojo Bag
  • Spiritual Baths
  • Talisman Creation
  • Candle Setting
  • Dolls, Wax Images and Other Material Bases
  • Full Spellwork Creation

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